Sampoorna yoga is the yoga of completeness developed by Shri Yogi Hari. It is a step by step process whereby an individual comes to know that his or her true nature is Devine. A style of Hatha yoga, Sampoorna classes consist of the following components:

An invocation to turn the mind inward and remind you that yoga is a spiritual discipline.

Pranayama (breathing exercises) to wake-up “prana” (the life force) and develop awareness of its subtle presence.

Warming up exercises to loosen up the joints and muscles.

A balanced series of beautifully orchestrated postures give a complete workout to the body. These are done with respect for physical limitations without being obsessed by them. The mind is kept in a positive state, and practice becomes a playful and peaceful challenge.

The special technique of synchronizing movement and breath harmonizes the flow of energy and develops concentration and peace of mind.

The rhythmic pattern throughout the session helps to reorganize and heal the physical, emotional and intellectual aspects of your being. This establishes harmony and balance in your daily life so that you function more efficiently.

A relaxation that helps to develop the awareness of the subtle bodies that exist beyond the physical body. This leads to the doorstep of meditation which takes you to the inner core of your being.

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